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The event industry is the second highest contributor to landfill!

When we experience the gift of live music, the thrill of watching our favourite team play or a family outing to watch the firework - Why do we have to send an outrageous amount of waste to landfill to enjoy these great moments?

Let's take one simple step to start decreasing this embarrassing statistic. START INTEGRATION OF REUSABLE CUPS INTO VENUES & EVENTS.
This simple step will drastically stop this industry taking up landfills and wading in rubbish after an event.

Please read this letter and help support needed change in this industry.

Australia has many large events, Sporting Events, Festivals, Concerts, Expos and our world class Food, Wine & Beer Festivals.

The Royal Easter Show is the 6th largest event in the world and the largest event in Australia attracting over 900,000 people a year.
This will send up to 2 million disposable beverage containers to landfill with in a 2 - week period, most probably in excess of 3 million.
An AFL Grand Final will attract over 100,000 people – that’s at least 100,000 disposable containers to landfill in one day.
These are just 2 events and already we have sent about 3.5 million disposable cups to landfill . . .

Reusable cups are being used in stadiums & festivals in Europe & Japan to great success. Australia can start to do the same by integrating this system. If we start to slowly integrate reusable cups with in 3 years we will have cut our waste to landfill by half and help sustain a closed loop-recycling program that is efficient and an end to end solution.

If you buy tickets to any event please support this cause. If you work in any capacity for an event please support this cause.

The event industry can start to help our country become a positive statistic by working as one to reduce our waste in our industry.

Please to sign our petition to support integration of reusable cups.

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